Shepherding the new Inmarsat brand online, while driving an increase in sales and overall engagement

After Inmarsat had re-developed and evolved its brand they came to Black Sun to help translate that brand to their online properties. Working with their internal teams we not only had to create a new online look and feel while also re-architecting their massive site to streamline navigation.


Creating the
Digital execution

Winning this project was a dream. With a fresh new brand, we had the first pass at creating the digital execution of how that would look and feel online. One of the first things we did was to use their big bold imagery to create an impact when a user explored the pages.

This laid the groundwork for the rest of the design which then used a card-based design and some elevation to layer the site and give it a sense of depth. That coupled with smooth and simple animations brought the site to life and gave it some dynamism.

Architecture & Navigation

Re-engineering the navigation for easier use

Coming from a previous site that had a sprawling site structure and navigation we knew we had to re-engineer and simplify the experience. Stripping it back on the first view and then grouping up the solutions and services into a mega nav helped showcase their massive offering at a glance.

This was further also augmented with in-page navigation for the business unit pages so users and customers could quickly navigate just within that particular business unit.