Designing the digital execution of Haleon’s website launch as a global leader in

consumer health

Haleon was formed from the demerger of the consumer health side of GlaxoSmithKline creating a business solely focused on that. With that split a new brand was created and a new website needed to be created to FULLY showcase who and what the new business was. We were brought in to take a very basic holding site and supercharge it for this giant new player in the health care space


a new brand

to market.

Beginning from a small existing site we looked across their digital real estate to figure out what are the missing elements that would really bring the site to life and articulate who this new business is and what they do.


Creating the online execution of the new business

From that initial starting point, we streamlined the navigation structure to make it easier to find the most important content. As well as making sure that every major page had a narrative structure to it. This narrative structure was better able to tell Haleon’s story and showcase a deeper look into the business and the people who make it up.

From there we took on the new brand and devised how to bring it to life online. For the execution of the site, we tried to align the design to a more bold consumer-centric style, while still staying closely aligned to the brand and its guidelines. Using their brand elements to provide visual interest and create cohesion throughout the site.