How Burberry designed and created
a new website that balanced the brand
and corporate needs

Working with an established brand like Burberry is a great opportunity to find a balance between keeping the consistent look and feel, while also pushing the envelope in new ways of exploring the creative expression of the brand.

Part One

Aligning to the new and evolving brand

Starting out with this project we identified some of the key areas that we needed to focus on to make sure this new site was a success and addressed all the needs of the brand and the stakeholders. Here’s what I did to make that happen.

One of the first was to create a concept and visual style based on the new and still evolving brand of the consumer side of the business. While also keeping true to the corporate audiences that are the main drivers of traffic to the site. I needed to create a visual style that was unique on its own but still tied tightly back into the larger brand ecosystem.

Part Two

Premium simplicity

Throughout the design and concepting process, this was the key phase in mind. Through simple and bold typography and large edge-to-edge imagery we brought this ethos to life across the design of all of the page. The layout and structure also needed to be concise and simple for visitors to navigate to where they needed to get to quickly and digest the information they were looking for.