How to make your company financials evoke your brand, or “how I learned to love tables”

This was a really interesting project for me at eve. I’ve worked on plenty of print work over the years but nothing at this scale or level of detail and data. The goal of the report was to outline all the financial information clearly and concisely while imbuing the essence of the brand into the document as well.

Working with the finance team at eve, we laid out the rough structure of the report and then went forward with creating templates for each main section. From there, I built up the templates to best display the information and to evoke the brand. By inserting images strategically and using the eve colour palette, I was able to bring a bit of life to a usually dry and boring piece of print work.

Starting off on the right foot

Brand imagery was key to keeping the fresh feeling of the report. Inserting it strategically where the content was referencing certain products or to break up the monotony for long blocks of text.

Bringing the
numbers to life

The use of infographics was key to liven up the otherwise dry content that usually fills up these types of documents. Brand iconography was also used to illustrate key messages as well as tie this document closer to the overall brand.