At eve, every great day

starts the night before.

Over my four year tenure at eve i’ve had the oportunity to be involved in every piece of ATL advertising that we’ve created. For some projects it was just insight and direction, where as others it was taking it from idea to finished design.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to have worked in multiple advertising mediums. Here are a selection of the work I’m most proud of having created and contributed to respectively.

TV Ad - Art Direction

Cuddly Toy

With this TV ad, our agency creative team was tasked with developing a campaign idea and execution that pushed our brand message: eve products help you get a better start to every day. With that in mind, they came back with a selection of ideas that we whittled down to the dancing sloth.

Along with our CMO, I lead in the feedback and design direction of how the ad should look and feel. Additionally, I worked with our post-production house on how the graphics and typography should look on screen, ensuring consistency with eve’s brand image.

Transit Ads - Art Direction/Design/Ideation

The writings on
the wall

Through out all our Out Of Home advertising, be it tube cross tracks, outdoor billboards or interior car ads, I’ve always pushed our simple and clean design style forwards, making sure to focus on the product and its key benifits and features.

Through these ads we’ve been able to increase our brand awareness and also traffic to the site, while maintaining a positive ROI.

Newspaper/Magazine/Insert - Art Direction/Design

People still read magazines?

We’ve always strategically used advertising in magazines, newspaers and inserts to boost our brand awareness and push promotional messaging when needed. Here is a selctions of work that I created and lead on.