This wasn’t just a fresh coat of paint,
this was a complete overhaul of everything.

When I first joined eve I was tasked to take what the founders had created with the brand and business and translate it into a website that matched the ethos and design of the brand itself. Taking the learnings of the current site, as well as lots of competitor research I redesigned the site and brought it to life over my first 6 months with the company along with the help of our development team.

Since then we’ve kept iterating on features and running tests as well as design sprints to create and build new features for every part of the site. Every step taking the learnings from past projects and applying them to future designs. This continually evolving design process has been amazing to work on.

It’s the little things

This was one of my favourite projects to work on. We realized that our USP section needed to be condensed, so as to simplify the initial look of the page. With the use of progressive disclosure and some user-friendly UI design, I created this section and worked with our front end dev team to bring it to life.

Interactions to add value

At eve, the core product of the business is the original mattress. We knew customers wanted information on its composition and layers to validate spending so much on something. With this information I came up with this layout to illustrate what each layer is and what features it has. I then worked with the 3D designer to create a model of the mattress and all its layers. Then worked with our lead developer to make it come to life, giving direction on animations and feel of the section.

So did it make a difference?

With all of these updates, tests, design sprints, and prototypes, we’ve been able to improve our conversion rate from well below 1% to just under 2%

Not to mention increasing add to cart rates, increasing checkout completion and improving repeat purchases. As well as streamlining the process for launching new product and marketing pages.

Before & After

one of our product pages

Early 2015 site

This was the state of the website when I joined the business. My inital task was to bring the site up to industry standards in terms of visual look and feel as well as functionality. 

Late 2019

Through the tireless work of our design team and development team, we’ve been able to improve key areas of the site, launch numerous tests on features and templatize and create a custom CMS for the website. Its been an amazing process to see how far we’ve come in 4 years.